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BR is positioned as a one stop shop for communications, events and resource development. We believe that offering these integrated services gives us a better understanding and holistic view of your journey; shortens project time; and makes us cost effective to you. We offer bundle discounts up to 15% for integrated service packages or to long term clients.

BR has what it takes to bring an idea to fruition in an affordable and timely manner leaving client’s staff to focus on other work. BR can work with key client staff in a team and incorporate training in our service delivery. Key client staff are coached and empowered to perform some duties, as a way of building talent in the client.

Our team is hands on. We work more closely with clients than many firms. For many clients, BR acts as their adjunct communications, events and resource development department, as accountable to the contractor as an employee is to a supervisor. Clients receive regular updates and progress every step of the way. Client input is encouraged because it often results in a heightened awareness of potential opportunities.


Extra Perks You Get

  • You get an introductory bundle discount up to 15% for integrated service packages or as a long term client.
  • Ask about BR’s sponsorships. You may qualify for BR’s ‘encouragement boost' and get an extra discount on your invoice in exchange for sponsor benefits.
  • Ask about our deferred payment plans. Only a select few long term clients may qualify.
  • Your business will be profiled and promoted on BR’s online Directory - because we are proud and honoured to work with you. You can also post your events for free by emailing event details to at least three weeks prior to event.
  • We are happy to work with your key staff and incorporate training in our service delivery. Your key staff will be coached and empowered to perform some duties, as a way of building talent in your staff.
  • You can enjoy a committed long term relationship on this project and more. The advantage of an ongoing working relationship is that, with time BR learns and incorporates your tone and specific niche attributes to produce relevant and impactful content and activities to attract your clients.
  • BR’s one month after sales care is unparalleled in its industry. Within a month after BR’s work is done, you can opt for one of the following: a meeting to evaluate your project; a beautiful thank you letter to your sponsors/donors/quests; minor editions to content or other BR service related to your project. Please discuss at the onset of your project.
  • You get a network of qualified complimentary on-call services to give you a complete solution. BR partners with a pool of web and graphic designers, printers, translators, DJays, entertainers, computer specialists, and equipment renters who are on hand to give bundle discounts to ‘Radiant Clients’.            


In a nut shell, BR’s integrated services empowers you to:

  • Capture, retain, engage, and convert buyers, sponsors, donors.
  • Raise funds, increase visibility, and create awareness.
  • Promote, inform, launch, influence, and lead. 
  • Inspire, empower, thank, and celebrate.
  • Build community and partnerships.


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2010 / 2011 Annual Report, OCISO
2010 / 2011 Annual Report, OCISO.

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A multicultural cookbook. Menus created by OCISO LINC students and teachers. 

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Business Radiance is a one stop shop for your communications, events and resource development. We specialize in writing effective and compelling content as well as organize classy events to engage people, increase visibility, raise funds and celebrate causes.

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