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Joycelyn Glover
Joycelyn Glover, President and CEO

Joycelyn brings a wealth of experience, talent and drive to her clients. She has a master’s degree in Business Administration and Management (MBA) and has been a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals since 2007.

She has over fifteen years of local and international working and volunteering experience in the private, non-profit and government sectors. With creativity and passion, she can turn an idea or concept into a unique and compelling marketing content or project that appeals to clients and opens wallets. She has extensive experience in strategic communications, content marketing, event management and corporate sponsorships.

She developed and executed marketing and fundraising plans for web, print, media and all the events she organized. With nine years’ experience of consistently generating approximately $100,000 annually in the nonprofit sector, Ms. Glover understands and speaks the nonprofit language, making BR an ideal choice for sustainability. She believes that if she can sell a cause to donors and sponsors, she can assist for- profit businesses to sell a product or service. It’s all about speaking beyond the minds to the hearts of prospects. She established a donor base of a thousand members, among others.

Ali Ebrahimi, Graphic and Web Designer


Sandy Bandaogo, French Translator


Toe Kyi, Technology Specialist




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Recent Projects

2010 / 2011 Annual Report, OCISO
2010 / 2011 Annual Report, OCISO.

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A multicultural cookbook. Menus created by OCISO LINC students and teachers. 

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Presents Ottawa's only Man Show on Father's Day weekend, June 19-…

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