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As a Business Radiance client, sponsor, partner, supplier and collaborating competitor, you get complimentary listing and promotion on BR’s online directory. This is our way of saying thank you.

The goal of the directory of ‘Radiant Businesses’ is to profile these businesses, share our networks, and to develop an online social good community. Listing on the online directory is currently complimentary. Profiled businesses can list and promote their events for free by emailing details to at least three weeks prior to event.

BR hopes that this online community of nonprofits, for-profit businesses; talents and resources will find synergies among themselves by way of subcontracting jobs, sponsorships, and partnerships, just to mention a few.

BR’s Directory services offers:

  • Complimentary listing and promotion of BR’s clients, suppliers, partners, competitors and sponsors,
  • Promotion of events,
  • A pool of talents, resources, sponsors and causes.


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Business Radiance is a one stop shop for your communications, events and resource development. We specialize in writing effective and compelling content as well as organize classy events to engage people, increase visibility, raise funds and celebrate causes.

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